By: Audrey Landers, Client Services Coordinator

Everyone who interviews with us tells us it’s the strangest interview they’ve ever been to. And they aren’t wrong. When finding new members for our merry band of misfits, we know we have to take an unexpected approach. And it has paid off. Over the last eight years, here are our tried-and-true tactics for finding new employees that stick with SCG Health:

  1. Try to Scare People Off
    Our office and work can be hectic and stressful. We make no effort to hide it. Candidates have told us its almost like we are actively trying to convince them to not to take the job. Honestly…we kind of are. We don’t have time for anyone who is going to shy away from challenging situations. We make it very clear in every interview (especially the ones that go well).
  2. Ask the Important Questions
    Since we are a small office we have the unique opportunity to include every employee in the hiring process. Our small team has an opinion on what to look for, and these candidates are possible future colleagues that can make or break a project. Aside from the typical interview questions, we each have questions that help us gauge not only applicants’ base skills, but also their personality. Here are a few of our favorites:

    • Based on what you’ve seen on our website, what do you think we do? Most people who interview with us get this wrong. Its just an impossible question unless you’ve worked with us directly before. It’s mainly a test to see if they looked at the website at all (most candidates don’t). It also gives us some insight into what our website tells people who have very little industry knowledge.
    • How nosy are you? According to Gina, our Chief Unicorn Officer (or Operations Manager if you don’t speak unicorn fluently), “If someone tells me they’re not nosy, then they’re probably a liar. If they’re not lying, then they don’t have the curiosity they would need to survive our workplace.” We’ve found that nosy people get the context they need to understand a situation and are more likely to go out of their way to develop relationships with clients, vendors and coworkers.
    • What’s your favorite cuss word? This is the ultimate question for throwing people off guard. How they react can tell us a lot about how they deal with unexpected situations and whether they will fit into the office culture. Plus, Jen cusses like a sailor and doesn’t want to offend new employees. Speaking of which…
  3. Get Comfortable
    There’s no reason to be on your best behavior for interviews because you might accidentally hire someone that doesn’t suit the environment you work in. Instead, present your workplace honestly. Are you a t-shirt and jeans kind of office? Then there’s no need to dress up like you’re trying to impress your applicant. In all honesty, we’ve found the ones worth keeping are more impressed by the casual dress code of our office.
  4. Hire and Hope
    Sometimes when you’ve got several great candidates, you just have to pick one and pray it works out. We’ve tried so many different methods of testing for “grit” and “stickiness.” No one tool seems to be predictive of candidate success at this point. In the end, all you can do is wait and see if things work out.

Despite how strange our interviews can be, we’ve also been told that it’s the most relaxed interview our candidates have been through. As one of our new hires for the File Data Clerk position, Callie, puts it: “It was one of the best interview experiences I had during my job search. It was weird. But it felt personal and comfortable. Like you were really looking for someone to be a part of the team.”


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