After 7 years, its time for myself and the growing crew at SCG Health to grow into our 2.0 model. Maybe 2.1 at this point…

For the last several years I have joked that the goal of our company was to put my brain into a computer. And after discussing with our clients their ever changing needs, it appears you want that too!

What we are building at MIPS Academy is a dynamic education platform for you to learn in-person or online about past, current and future quality improvement activities. That means that the content we’ve offered for the last several years out in the interwebs will be consolidated here. Some of the content will remain free, other content will be enhanced and incorporated into the two levels of paid membership. This includes education, resources and data!

I am following my own advice:

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Instead, this product platform extends and broadens what everyone expects from me – making healthcare policy accessible and breaking down complex regulations. I hope that you enjoy it.

The premium product is called Jenius. And yes I am super proud of my own punny marketing efforts! For this limited subscriber membership, you get an hour with me each  month to bounce ideas off me, pick my brain on new concepts or challenge me to a brain teaser! Either way, you get what you want – access to me and dedicated on my challenging calendar – while still gaining access to the tools from MIPS Academy.

Over all, I hope that you like this new platform!


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